Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Blues

Sketching in Environmental ethics lead to some typography.
And yes, that is how you spell pARTy.

Three day weekends are never very exciting in Santa Cruz, because everyone takes advantage of the time to get out of town. With no one around, I holed up in my apartment for Saturday, playing and listening to music, and a bit of coloring. I can't draw, and I'm no artist, but here it is.
I don't think it's done, but when are they ever?


admiral alanna said...

some beautiful propaganda there! would you mind if it became official?

your lines and colors are great... i'd love to see an update if you ever add to it.

Megyn said...

Of course you can use it. Art should have no individual 'ownership,' it should be shared.
I'm sure I'll work on some more after my finals are over!

Ukseong Moon said...

i usually draw those kind of lines, but never thought that as pretty. but your one is pretty!