Monday, April 28, 2008


This is the fireplace in my friend Levon's apartment.
The rosary hangs from the book of Islam.
The spelling was organic and happened by accident.
It used to be a white wall, but through an encounter with "Chuck, the Wallpaper Wizard," he was able to brick his fireplace.


The Art Party said...

this is always so awesome.

and haha i didn't even notice about the wallpaper. but now it's so obvious and so ridiculous. imagine the rest of the things we take for real in our world, that, under a little scrutiny, unravel so quickly!!

anyway, fancy digs. good thing the camera doesn't turn around and look behind it.


Megyn said...

Hehe. Actually the place is quite respectable now with BK living there. You can sit on the floor, and the table is clean. Except for the other day when it was littered with the most delicious of Belgian beers. It's a new world.

Funny that you didn't notice the wallpaper. You just thought they were that classy?

Cadet Kristy said...

when i first glanced at the picture i just thought someone had love spelled out in letters on the fireplace and didn't really think anything of it. then i read, and i must say i quite like this accidental version much more.

and also, the wallpaper is too great.